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Monthly Archives: July 2021


Can My California Employer Deny A Final Paycheck?

By Obagi Law Group, P.C. |

In California, employers can fire employees for no reason, while employees do not need to provide a reason to quit. That is because California is an at-will employment state. Under California wage laws, however, all workers are entitled to a final paycheck upon termination. Whether you are fired or quit voluntarily, if your employer… Read More »

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Can You Sue In California For Sexual Harassment Committed Online?

By Obagi Law Group, P.C. |

Sexual harassment can make the work environment hostile for the harassed person, regardless of whether it takes place online or during a face-to-face interaction. With an ever-increasing number of companies using online technology to communicate with employees and manage workflow, risk of becoming a victim of online sexual harassment is also on the rise…. Read More »

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Is My California Employer Required To Reimburse Me For Work-From-Home Expenses?

By Obagi Law Group, P.C. |

Many companies in California and across the country switched to remote working after the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020. If you are one of the millions of employees forced to work from home because of the pandemic, you may wonder, “Is my employer required to reimburse me for the expenses I incur while… Read More »

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