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Monthly Archives: May 2022


When Business Deals Fall Apart Because Of Fraud

By Obagi Law Group, P.C. |

Some businesses can attract customers and investors simply by allowing their products to stand on their own merits. If your company deals in tasty sandwiches or attractive footwear, for instance, all you need is some customers to taste or see your merchandise and hope word of mouth spreads. Software as a service is a… Read More »

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Employment Discrimination And Non-Disclosure Agreements In The Age Of The Silenced No More Act

By Obagi Law Group, P.C. |

For as long as seemingly anyone currently in the workforce can remember, employers have been using non-disclosure agreements to, among other aims, enable them to perpetuate practices of widespread discrimination based on protected characteristics and harassment and mistreatment of employees. Employees who find a) their requests for accommodations to which they are entitled denied,… Read More »

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Video Game Company’s $18 Million Settlement With EEOC Sheds Light On Consequences Of Gender Discrimination In The Workplace

By Obagi Law Group, P.C. |

Now that independent contractor gigs are becoming more common while full-time employment positions are getting harder to find for many, the stress that comes with life in the gig economy is a growing problem. Lots of gig workers recharge between gigs by playing video games, and one of the biggest makers of those video… Read More »

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