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Monthly Archives: August 2022


Correctional Officer Files Racial Discrimination And Employer Retaliation Lawsuit

By Obagi Law Group, P.C. |

Even if it is in your nature to give other people the benefit of the doubt and to bear slights patiently until the situation becomes unbearable, it is important to act quickly when you experience discrimination or employer retaliation at work.  If you are the target of an adverse action or hostile behavior related… Read More »

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Crane Operator Files Discrimination Lawsuit Against Employer Who Denied Him Disability Accommodations

By Obagi Law Group, P.C. |

In employment law, retaliation is when an employer takes an adverse action against an employee in response to the employee engaging in a protected activity.  Examples of adverse actions include denying the employee a promotion or raise, subjecting the employee to undue scrutiny at work, an involuntary transfer of duties, work location, or work… Read More »

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San Diego Nurse Sues Former Employer Over Sexual Harassment And Retaliation

By Obagi Law Group, P.C. |

Working as a nurse is stressful enough under the best circumstances.  The patients would not have gone to your workplace if they did not have a complaint that caused them to worry or to suffer physical discomfort.  There is rarely a moment of downtime during your shift; you must keep track of all your… Read More »

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