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Category Archives: Disability Discrimination


Can You Get Disability Accommodations for Chronic Pain?

By Obagi Law Group, P.C. |

Laws that prevent employment discrimination on the basis of disability cover a wide variety of physical and mental health conditions which present difficulties in everyday life and for which the person requires an accommodation in order to do his or her job.  An accommodation is a modification to the work environment or work schedule… Read More »

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Is It Disability Discrimination If Your Employer Fired You Before Your Diagnosis?

By Obagi Law Group, P.C. |

Many health conditions do not progress in the way that Hollywood screenwriters would expect.  Symptoms can improve or worsen unexpectedly, sometimes for reasons unrelated to known triggers.  You may visit multiple doctors over a period of years, and they may disagree about the underlying cause of your symptoms.  None of this is your employer’s… Read More »

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What Exactly Is Reasonable Accommodation For A Disability?

By Obagi Law Group, P.C. |

Under federal and California state law, employers are legally required to provide reasonable accommodation to qualified workers with disabilities, unless doing so would cause undue hardship to the employer. The purpose of those accommodations is to enable workers with disabilities to enjoy equal employment opportunities. If you are an employee with a disability in… Read More »

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