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Los Angeles Race Discrimination Lawyer

Workplace race discrimination, like other forms of job bias, is usually passed from generation to generation. As a result, race discrimination is especially a problem among the smaller employers who dominate California’s economic landscape. Frequently, these companies have policies which are racially discriminatory. And, the boss neither understands the impact of these policies nor cares about their effect.

The visionary Los Angeles race discrimination lawyers at the Obagi Law Group never use such an approach. Instead, we have a clear vision for every case. We look past the outer layers so we can identify the true nature of the problem. Then, we relentlessly fight for the compensation, and more importantly the justice, you deserve.

Disparate Treatment Racial Discrimination

This form of job bias could be written in an employee manual. Much more frequently, however, disparate treatment discrimination, which is basically treating different people differently because of their differences, is informal and hard to establish in court.

Promotion and similar issues are a good example. Some companies have informal and unwritten policies which either disfavor or forbid minority promotions. When a dispute arises, these companies usually have a carefully-constructed defense.

Frequently, if the entity has at least one minority supervisor, the company thinks it is in the clear. But discrimination is usually a case-by-case analysis. Other times, the company tries to use a non-discriminatory reason, such as a mediocre performance review in the past, to explain its move. Generally, however, the company uses one evaluation standard for some employees and a different yardstick for others. That discrepancy always points to race discrimination.

Disparate Impact Bias

High-level corporate leadership is rarely diverse. The top decision makers are usually the same race. Therefore, the company might have policies which disproportionately impact nonwhite people.

A no-beard policy is a good example. Many companies with such policies point to hygiene or identification issues. These points might well be legitimate. But some people groups are highly prone to razor burns and other chronic skin irritations. Among others, a beard is a strong personal statement. To individuals in these people groups, a no-beard policy could have serious personal consequences.

This form of discrimination is usually unintentional. But it is always harmful, and legally, that harm requires compensation. This compensation usually includes money for back pay, if appropriate, as well as money for other economic losses. Additionally, if the job discrimination involved the loss of a promotion, the plaintiff is entitled to the position or a reasonable amount of future pay.

Reach Out to a Diligent Los Angeles County Employment Attorney

The law guarantees equal opportunity for everyone. For a confidential consultation with an experienced Los Angeles race discrimination lawyer, contact the Obagi Law Group. P.C. We do not charge upfront legal fees in these matters.