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Los Angeles Employment Lawyer
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  • Mr. Obagi works for you no matter what Mr. Obagi is very thorough, honest, punctual and knowledgeable. Your interests are his number one priority; he handles your case as if it is his own. He handled two business cases plus a traffic matter for me. In one of the cases, Mr. Obagi got terminating sanctions, proved up damages of over $100k, obtained punitive damages and then filed a complaint for non-dischargeability in bankruptcy court. He was able to prove that along with negligence and contract violations, fraud took place. If you want an attorney who truly cares about you, Mr. Obagi is your man.
    Vadim, a Business client
  • Vehicle Insurance Case My vehicle was stolen from my place of business and the insurance company kept trying to deny my claim. They literally kept me on the hook for five months -- leaving me with no rental car, no car to drive, and frustration literally beyond belief. Luckily, around the same time, I heard about Zein Obagi, Jr. He helped my cousin with his case. After speaking with Zein and explaining my situation, he took my case over the next morning and went to my deposition with me. Literally two days after I hired Zein, the insurance company caved in and paid for my claim. I could not be happier with his service. He expedited the process far quicker than anyone expected -- and most of all, he was very professional the entire time. I would -- and have -- recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel.
    Edison, a Insurance client
  • His attitude and work ethic set him apart He has a great attitude and is willing to do whatever needs to be done to make sure that the legal problem gets solved.
  • Fast AND professional -- a winning combination He expedited the process far quicker than anyone expected, and most of all, he was very professional the entire time.
  • Commitment, Integrity, and Compassion Zein saw me for an initial free consultation on one hour’s notice late on a Friday afternoon despite the fact that he was concurrently conducting interviews. He immediately began reviewing my case and met with me over the weekend. He conveys an air of confidence yet is very approachable, so I immediately felt reassured that my case was in good hands. Zein pursued the matter with a sense of personal pride, committing to work well beyond the scope of my expectations. In the end, my case was dismissed. Opposing counsel failed even to appear. The judge even commented that Zein was “unusually well prepared.” Zein is a credit to the profession.
    James, a Debt Collection client
  • Exactly what I wanted in a lawyer: Honest, Knowledgeable, and Zealous I would give Mr. Obagi more than 5 stars! He handled an ongoing dispute with a major credit card. He didn’t overpromise results to get my business, which I sincerely appreciate. I previously hired 3 lawyers and they all just told me what I wanted to hear, not because it was right, but because they wanted my money. Mr. Obagi is not like this at all; he is one lawyer you can actually trust! He was very good at estimating the time it would take to reach a resolution. He kept me informed during the whole process and was readily available. He did exactly what I asked him to do and his efforts resulted in a better outcome than I had hoped. Mr. Obagi worked extremely hard for me – he works as if he has something to prove and that was a significant advantage for having him on my side. He was also diligent in his dealings with opposing counsel and made sure all bases were covered. I would definitely use Mr. Obagi again for any personal or business need.
    Debt Settlement client
  • I finally found a tenacious attorney who works hard to bring justice!!! Unfortunately in my life I have had to work with several attorneys, whether it be for families of children with special needs or for the elder abuse of my mom, and from my experience I have found it EXTREMELY difficult to find a good, hard-working attorney who really puts the clients' needs first. Well, I finally found one! Mr. Obagi is exemplary! He worked exceedingly hard to help me fight another attorney who overcharged me and helped me get money back! Every step of the way he always listened to me and worked with my needs! That is something that is truly hard to find in an attorney. He is extremely intelligent, he knows the law inside and out, he knows how to fight for his clients' rights, and he does this until he gets justice! Thank you Mr. Obagi for taking my case and fighting so intensely hard until justice was met! You are a wonderful attorney and I know this hard work will make you a true success! I will definitely be recommending you to my special-needs clients and any friends who may be in the unfortunate situation where they need an attorney. I know from my experience finding an attorney can be very difficult especially because at the time you need an attorney, you are generally very vulnerable and panicked. This makes clients easy targets for so many bad attorneys, but you are quite the exception to that rule! Thank you so much for being honest, fair and remarkable!
    Stephanie, a Contracts client
  • Fighting every step of the way Thank you, Mr. Obagi, for taking my case and fighting so intensely hard until justice was met!
  • Best of the best Zein has been one of the easiest people I have dealt with. I have called Zein at all times of the day and every time, he has picked up and taken his time to explain the situation to me, no matter how long it took. Zein takes a lot of pride in his work and it does show time after time. If I ever run into a buckle again or have any issues, he is the first person I would call to handle my situation. Thanks Zein for all the work you helped me out with.
    Khoa Le, a Lemon Law client
  • Hardworking, smart, and relentlessly zealous Zein has handled a number of real estate-related matters for me over the past year, particularly a landlord-tenant matter, and has been consistently responsive, thoughtful, and timely. He has a great attitude and is willing to do whatever needs to be done to make sure that the legal problem gets solved. I will hire him again in the future.
    William, a Landlord & Tenant client